Artist and Researcher

Juvenile Justice

Tasha conducts trauma-informed creative writing workshops for young women in U.S. juvenile detention and rehab facilities — a population that is often underserved and underheard by a system designed for males. National statistics show that, unlike young men, young women are mostly arrested for running away, truancy, and substance use: 3 of the most common symptoms of abuse. Young women are also more likely than young men to have been victims of sexual assault, and/or to suffer from mental illness.

Teen women make up a growing proportion of detained youth, but the juvenile justice system still struggles to adequately meet their needs. In response, Tasha's research-based workshops offer creative programming while also forging opportunities for participants to inform local decisions. The arts-based approach uniquely amplifies young women’s stories, voices, and needs, with an eye toward increasing gender equity.

In 2017, Golden partnered with Sarabande Books to publish an anthology of poetry from girls in Louisville KY's Youth Detention Services. Find out more about that project here

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